From Our Founder

Ken Piposar (1)

When we started Abseilon USA in 2006, we took a good hard look at what kind of company we wanted to build. We wanted to build a visionary company that was guided by a sense of purpose beyond just making money, one that would defy all of the norms that existed within our industry. As newcomers to the work-at height industry we focused our attention on an innovative new approach to safely solving difficult challenges associated with working at height known as Rope Access. With this unique and innovative approach to working safely at height, we believed that we would be welcomed by our peers in the Conventional Fall Protection Industry, to the contrary, our ANSI / ASSE Rated Equipment was labeled as ‘mountain climbing gear’ our methods continually questioned, we fought a battle each time we set foot on a site.  Clearly, implementing a far safer method of work-at-height and fall protection to an industry whose work-related fatal falls have steadily increased in the last two decades would signal a need for change. It didn’t, what we found shocked and alarmed us.  We found an industry laden with lack of preventative training for their employees, little or no knowledge of Fall Protection Standards, Employers charged with the responsibility of protecting the health, safety and welfare of their employees, neglecting their duties while having no regard for human life. Shameful!  If there’s one lesson we learned from our early years to keep in mind above all others, it is this: ‘Nothing great is ever achieved by doing things the way they have always been done’. That defining moment guided us to build a visionary company with a deeply held core ideology that: Abseilon USA meets the intolerant adversity of the work-at-height industry with an uncompromising commitment to bring the full spectrum of our abilities in order to Challenge the Status Quo in our pursuit of excellence.